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Poster: cry0fan Date: Jul 11, 2005 12:04pm
Forum: movies Subject: 720x480 or 320x240????

I am getting ready to start editing my video documentary which I will upload here when complete. I am using video vegas 5 to edit it, and when starting the new project, it asks me for a template, which include, I presume, the number of pixels for the video display, and the frames per second.

It offers me a wide variety of potential templates/pixel ranges. Two of the potential choices are:
NTSC DV 720x480, 29 fps
multimedia 320x240 15 fps

Some of the other choices are:
NTSC video CD 352x240 29 fps
HD 720 24p (1280x720) 9 fps

As I said I would like people to download from this website and others, and from p2p networks.

I think it likely that in the future, lots of people will download movies from the net and feed them out a video card onto a digital TV to watch.

Well, who knows how they would watch them. Also them may stream them to watch on a monitor.

So, which format/template would be best for me to use?

This choice is of course seperate from the compression codec, which I imagine will be mpeg-1.

Comments, please!

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Poster: FP Date: Jul 11, 2005 12:41pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 720x480 or 320x240????

You'll have to make a choice to work in PAL or NTSC, unless you want to provide copies in both formats.

Always work at the highest practical resolution. When your project is finished, it's a simple matter in VEGAS to output to any format you choose. The higher the resolution of your original work, the better your smaller derived formats will look.

It's best to make derivations yourself. Don't allow the automatic Prelinger processes to make your different formats. The automation doesn't make for the best video and audio compression.

Stay away from speeds slower than 29.97 or 25. That's distracting. The 15fps and slower speeds available in templates are mostly legacy settings from when CDs and the interent were much slower and files needed to be smaller. Occasionally, slow frame rates are useful for streaming files.

Everything I've posted here in Open Source was mastered as a 720X480 29.97 fps project. I made most of the small compressed versions myself, using either VEGAS or Sorenson Squeeze for .SWF and MP4 files.